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From high tech engineering solutions to world-class consumer products, we are an integral part of the lives of millions of consumers all over the world....

Xingtai city in north China's Hebei province, is a 2,200-year-old town. According to archaeologists, detailed study of earthen pieces and tiles unearthed from the site proved that the town was built during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. Today, Xingtai represents the aggressive economic expansion that characterizes the contemporary China.

Chinese products seem to be the hot favorites all over the world. Because they are superior to the products of other countries in quality and also because they are affordable - often more reasonably priced when compared to their counterparts. The price still remains a decisive factor for most consumers.

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Our Company

Our company, located in this famed city of China,
Xingtai, reflects the diverse and dynamic culture of new China. Xingtai Frida Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer, importer and exporter with interests in Gear Hobbing Machine, Thread Rolling Machine, Concrete Ingredient Machine, Crepe Machine, Spiral Conveyor, Whetting Machine, CNC Wood Peeling Machine etc.

The company has made its presence felt in all  the five continents. Building on the same business acumen, modern and innovative outlook, as well as vision, with which it was founded in 1991, the company is on the threshold of the global business arena today, backed by more than fifteen years of experience in diverse fields, sound traditional values and high ethical standards.

Customer Focused Approach

Our business depends on the customers, and therefore, we first try to anticipate current and future customer needs, and then strive to meet these changing requirements and exceed customer expectations in the process. This approach has ensured increased revenues of the company, and greater market share for our products.

Owing to this, we have a wide customer base spread across the world, with dominant presence in the markets of Czech Republic, Turkey, England, USA and Russia, where we export 100% of our products.


Xingtai Frida Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd. operates a quality control system, which complies to the established international standards. We have a team of quality assurance officers, which ensures that quality is maintained at every level of production. The company has an in-house testing laboratory that checks all the products for any kind of production flaws or discrepancies.


Most of our products are either manufactured by us at our facility or are imported from best producers, with whom we have created a strong networking base. This ensures a high degree of operational reliability.

Our manufacturing base is well equipped with advanced technology and sophisticated machines. This hi-tech facility at Xingtai Frida Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd., is backed by a team comprising of engineers, scientists, technocrats, etc. Due to their vast experience in the industry, they are aware of all kinds of precautions and parameters that have to be kept in mind during the production process. To further help them keep abreast with latest advancements, our management conducts training sessions for them regularly.